Client Stories

Here are a few stories from our clients.

New stories coming soon!

Kathleen & Ransom

Kathleen Fraser was busy. She competed in triathlons and was involved in the diabetes community through her employment at Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and at the...

Kirsten, Milo & Remi

Milo was five years old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. His mother, Kirstin Walsh-Price, was still learning about managing the disease when she was approached by a woman in the...

Stephanie and Ozark

Ozark gave Stephanie's family the peace of mind to sleep through the night. Read about some of the ways Ozark has changed Stephanie's life!

Mabel and Tokyo

Tokyo was the missing link in Mabel's diabetes care, and encouraged Mabel to take control of her diabetes and live her best life. 

Julian and Guinness

Julian and Guinness were bar mitzvah'd together. Read their story, and learn why they are a perfect match!

Chase and Brandt

Even though they were placed only about a month before this story was written, Brandt had already caught some amazing things and has changed Chase's life forever.

Monique and Waimea

Monique hasn't had to call an ambulance since Waimea came into her life. She is able to be her strong, independent self thanks to Mea.

Matt and Nona

Matt saves the lives of children with cancer every day. Nona helps make sure Matt isn't risking his own life while doing his job.

Eva and Deputy Blue

Eva gets to be the little girl she is, thanks to her EAC Blue. Read this short story her dad sent us of a time that Blue went above and beyond to catch Eva's low blood sugar.

Haley and Brave

Haley knows her blood sugars won't get away from her thanks to her bond with EAC Brave. Read their story of this unbeatable bond!

Julian and Guinness

Julian and Guinness were bar mitzvah'd together. Read their story, and learn why they are a perfect match!

Chrystal and Leslie

Chrystal doesn't live in fear thanks to her EAC Leslie. Read her story about breaking free and living her own life!

Emma and Fleur

Emma shared a story with us about Fleur alerting on a doctor in a hospital where she was working, showing that our dogs save lives everywhere!

Sage and Remmy

Sage is more confident and brave with her diabetes because of her EAC Remmy. Her mom couldn't be more grateful for their partnership.

Julian and Guinness

Julian and Guinness were bar mitzvah'd together. Read their story, and learn why they are a perfect match!

Lauren and Ricki

Ricki helped Lauren overcome her depression and helps keep her alive.

Brief Client Testimonials 

John and Nikon: “[On my flight home from Europe], I fell asleep. Next thing I knew, I was awoken as my bags were placed on me and a medic told me we'd be off the plane soon. Unbeknownst to me, while asleep, my sugar plummeted and Nikon had tried his best to wake me. After trying repeatedly, he realized it wasn't working and he ran up the aisle, where a flight attendant knew something was up. Nikon rode right next to the gurney the whole way, ever sure to keep his watchful nose at work.”

Kathleen and Ransom: “Ransom started to alert when my sensor said 88 with a diagonal line… I checked with a finger stick and it said 90, which is still a valid Ransom alert, since it’s under 100. What to do? Wait it out, because you don’t want to treat and go sky high all night, or wait it out and have a scary serious low? Ransom continued to alert pretty steadily and drool… From my 2.5 years with Ransom, this means the 88 diagonal will probably go double arrows down at some point and a big low will be next. I ate some glucose tablets. I never got the double arrow, and finally flattened at 78. No big low. No big high. Another night in the life of T1D. So grateful for Ransom’s nose!!”

Nathan and Oakley:  “Our Oakley has forever changed our lives.  She has an important job in our family; she is my son’s diabetic alert dog.  We worry a little less, we sleep a little better and we enjoy life a little more since that sunny day she arrived in March 2012.  Not only is she a true best friend to Nathan but, she’s the one that can help him before anyone else can.”

Lea and O'Shea: “Since I have had O’Shea, I have not had to be rushed to the hospital… she alerts me 30-45 minutes faster than my blood sugar meter.

Matt and Nona: “…During our first week together, she jumped on the bed at 3 AM to let me know my blood sugar was low, a feat many service dogs take months to reach.

Nona lets me know when my blood sugar is low, so I can fix it and get back to my job (or back to sleep). My family can sleep through the night because they know Nona is there for me. I am privileged to help care for sick children, a job I can do because Nona is looking out for me.”

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