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A life-saving companion

Jason is a long-time Early Alert Canines (EAC) client and former Board of Directors President. He has known the majority of clients with type 1 diabetes who have come through EAC in the past 10 years. After the passing of his first dog, who was his best-friend for more than a decade, he needed time before being ready for a new dog. Knowing how meaningful it is to have a Diabetic Alert Dog, he volunteered as a Transitional Foster home, helping to train several EAC dogs for others.

EAC Pippin poses for a photo

Jason shares, "As someone with type 1 diabetes that can experience scary low blood sugar levels, I knew I needed a dog to help me navigate through these situations. There have been multiple occasions where the EMTs were called for me, and waking up to firemen standing on your bed trying to bring you out of a very low low is never enjoyable.

Now, I have EAC Pippin, and every day we are getting to know each other better. We have been together for about 8 or 9 months now, and he is the kindest, most gentle, and happiest dog I have ever encountered. We travel together for work, and he alerts me when I'm experiencing blood sugar drops or when my levels are too high. Pippin is my constant companion, ensuring my safety and well-being. EAC contacted me and said they believed they had found the perfect dog for me. They described Pippin's desire to be a working dog and his unique qualities, which always put me at ease and bring smiles to everyone's faces. He is constantly watching out for me, able to recognize when something feels off and detecting my blood sugar changes long before they become problematic.

I am approaching my 60th birthday in March and remain quite busy with work. My children are grown and independent, and I frequently travel for my job. As a T1D with significant diabetic unawareness, having Pippin by my side keeps me safe. He loves me, and he's such a good boy! Sometimes, I find it difficult to explain the importance of having a Diabetic Alert Dog, especially for someone like me. The real value lies not only in having a life-saving dog but in having a companion whom everyone loves. Pippin is always looking out for me physically, medically, and emotionally.

Jason and EAC Pippin

Pippin and I will be graduating soon, and I am eagerly looking forward to sharing my story. I want to let the whole world know how Early Alert Canines and Pippin have saved my life, time and time again. Throughout the past ten years, I have consistently donated to EAC to support their operations and the provision of dogs that save the lives of Type 1 Diabetics. I have set up an automatic withdrawal that sends a contribution to EAC every month. I hope that more people will also consider doing this. The life-saving capabilities these dogs possess only need to be displayed once for anyone to understand the importance of EAC's work.

Most people do not know how to react when they encounter someone with no visible disability. They often question and assume they know something about diabetes. However, I have spent the last 14-15 years with a Diabetic Alert Dog and have had at least ten dogs accompanying me for a couple of months each. This work is crucial, and by supporting this worthy charity, we can save lives. Your support is essential for us to keep moving forward."

Thank you, Jason!

To become a monthly donor, click here.

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