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Client with service dog

Diabetic Alert Dogs

EAC trains dogs to alert people with diabetes, who are insulin-dependent when they detect low or dropping blood glucose levels. The dogs recognize these conditions using their superior sense of smell, which can help avoid dangerously low blood glucose levels. A Diabetic Alert Dog will alert a person to an impending shift in their blood glucose levels, giving them plenty of time to ascertain the gravity of the problem and take the necessary precautions or treatment.


The dog will alert in any location, under nearly any circumstances, and even wake its diabetic partner in the middle of the night if necessary. An early alert to shifts in blood sugar is a major relief to insulin-dependent diabetics, especially the parents of diabetic children, who struggle to identify such changes before they result in uncomfortable symptoms and eventual debilitation.  It is an invaluable tool in a diabetic's effort to achieve and obtain optimal blood sugar levels and in many cases serves as a life-saving warning. Our dogs are a diabetic's best friend, life-saver, and life-changer.  

Monique and EAC Jolo

COVID-19 Detection Dogs

In 2021, EAC partnered with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in a pilot program to train and deploy COVID-19 detection dogs in participating bay area schools.  

Service dog Scarlett

EAC Scarlett 

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