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Medical Detection Dogs

Early Alert Canines is honored to have collaborated with the California Department of Public Health on an innovative pilot program aimed at training COVID-19 Medical Detection Dogs.


Equipped with a superior sense of smell, dogs have served as a formidable ally to humans in various detection pursuits, including sports and medical arenas. The rigorous training regime of these working dogs is predicated on the principles of positive reinforcement, wherein food and play serve as the reward for their success.

As part of this program, we aimed to demonstrate the canine's ability to detect potential COVID-19 infections with accuracy equal to or better than lab-based rapid tests, thereby reducing the burden on the testing system. COVID-19 Medical Detection Dogs are utilized as a screening tool, thereby exponentially screening more individuals than laboratory-based tests can within the same timeframe. 

Moving forward, we are eager to proceed to the next phase of this program and explore the full potential of these Medical Detection Dogs in the fight against infectious diseases and the protection of our communities.

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