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All Early Alert Canines receive the same alert training. However, the human aspect of the training is different. EAC trains two classes of diabetic alert dogs: full-access service dogs and skilled companion dogs. EAC conducts intensive initial training called "team training" in which they provide essential training for the partner with diabetes and dog. 

An EAC client and canine photographed outdoors near a lake
An EAC client and canine photographed together

Full Access Service Dogs

Full Access Service Dogs are trained and placed with adults and children with diabetes aged 12 and older. These dogs are fully trained diabetic alert dogs and attend work, school, extracurricular activities, errands, etc., with their diabetic partners. These dogs are certified service dogs and can legally accompany their diabetic partners anywhere the general public is allowed. Full Access Service Dogs are perfect for people who can commit to having a dog with them all hours of the day.

Skilled Companion Alert Dogs

Skilled Companion Alert Dogs are trained and placed with diabetic children, families with multiple diabetics, and some adults who find a service dog won't fit into their lifestyle. Skilled Companion Alert Dogs are fully trained in blood sugar alerting, and do most of their work in the diabetic's home. These dogs pass the same Public Access Test as our Full Access dogs. They are perfect for people who are looking for support in a home setting and low traffic public venues. Early Alert Canines specializes in Skilled Companions.

EAC canines and teenage volunteers at a tradeshow

Teen Camp

Teen Camp provides hands-on training for potential clients ages 12-17. Teen applicants attend the camp to ensure that they are comfortable working and living with a medical alert service dog. Attendees work with the dogs and learn how to care for them. They take the dog home for one or more nights to experience life with a medical alert dog. The teen years are difficult enough without a disability and feeling conspicuous. At this camp, our staff listens to the teen’s issues and works on resolutions with them.

Criteria for Application:


  • Reside in California, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington

  • Insulin-dependent diabetes for at least one year

  • Age Requirements:

Full Access Dogs: over the age of 12 

Skilled Companions: under 12 years old

Think you're ready to apply? Read our F.A.Q. page!

An EAC client and canine photographed on the lawn of a park