Dogs in Training

Blanche (formerly Branch)


Blanche (Branch) came to us from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She  has a sweet disposition, lovely house manners and loves to play. She is snuggly, playful and hard working.


Rocket is a sweet Lab/Golden cross that came to us from Canine Companions for Independence. He loves to cuddle and play. His favorite thing is greeting people with a toy (or two or three!) in his mouth.



Casey (aka Ruthie) is a sweet golden retriever who came to us from Canine Companions for Independence. She’s a cuddly girl who loves to snuggle and will wiggle her way into your lap if you give her half a chance.



Vantage is a handsome young man from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Ever the people pleaser, his favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the floor with you. His favorite game is tug-o-war, so be prepared to have him dangle toys right in front of you!



Ophelia is a sweet, spunky white lab from CCI. She is very smart and loves to run around at playtime. She is great at catching tennis balls in mid air, and loves to hop in excitement while you get ready to throw the ball! 



Cher is a black lab who comes to us from CCI. A very attentive girl, Cher will check in with you constantly to ensure you're doing ok. She loves to play fetch with her Kong, and will always come back to say thank you for playing. She loves to follow her nose and snooze in her bed. So long as she's close to you, she's a happy girl!



Wallaby is a playful, energetic, girl who comes to us from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Her slender build, sweet face, and playful exuberance are enough to cheer up even your saddest of days. It's impossible not to smile when working with Wallaby!



Puff is a curious, independent boy, who comes to us from CCI. He is eager to please, even when his big paws get in his way! His favorite thing to do is follow his nose, so we know he's going to make a great alert dog!



Brandt is an incredibly sweet, caring boy from CCI. Brandt loves to play, but loves love even more. His favorite pastimes include tricking other dogs into playing when they think they don't want to, and leaning into people for love.



Chloe, formerly Impala, is a comes to us from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is very petite, our smallest dog ever, and loves to follow her nose. She is energetic and incredibly loving.  



Jamba came to us from Guide Dogs for the Blind where she was a working guide. Jamba is very smart and quickly learning the ins and outs of diabetic alert work.She is full of energy and enthusiasm! 



Rosie is a spunky little girl from Canine Companions for Independence. Dainty and graceful, this sweet girl wants to make sure you know she loves you. 


Frida (formerly Frenchie)

Frida is a pint-sized yellow lab who came to us from CCI. She is living proof that good things come in small packages! At a petite 39 lbs, Frida will wiggle her way into your heart. She is affectionate, playful and eager to please. She is always happy to be with her people.



Dixie is a curious, affectionate yellow lab from CCI. She's eager to learn and loves to follow her nose. Her favorite pastime is doing a headstand between your legs to get you to scratch her rump.



Jada comes to us from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is a very independent, smart, loving dog, and is a fierce alerter. One look from her beautiful golden eyes, and your heart will melt. She loves her playtime, and her favorite way to end the day is a romp in the yard.



Piccolo is a leggy, slender, lab/golden retriever cross from Canine Companions for Independence. She is sweet and gentle with small children, but she does have a spicy side at times earning her the nicknames of Pico or Pickle. She is very playful and eager to please!



Latrell is a happy, handsome boy who comes to us from CCI. He loves to greet everyone with a little hop and a big wag. His favorite pastime is jumping and running around the training room during playtime (AKA the "Zoomies").




He comes from Canine Companions for Independence. He  likes nothing more than backing up into your lap while being groomed or simply curling into a ball while you love on him. Knight likes to tell you how happy he is with his unique sounds and has fur as soft as velvet.

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