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Catching the lows early!

Kelly and Virtue at Disneyland

When Kelly was paired with EAC Virtue in 2023, it brought immense relief to her and her family, knowing that she now had a devoted partner and best friend to help effectively manage her type 1 diabetes.

Reflecting on her experience, Kelly shares, "Although I have been able to maintain good control over my diabetes for most of my life, as I've grown older, I've noticed that I am becoming less sensitive to recognizing when my blood sugar levels drop. However, Virtue has been a tremendous support, often detecting these lows 30 to 40 minutes before they become dangerously low. This has allowed me to take prompt action and has significantly reduced the incidents of nighttime lows. With Virtue by my side, I am able to maintain my ideal range around 85-90% of the time. Additionally, Virtue has added an abundance of cuddles, love, and a sense of security whenever we visit Disneyland! It's comforting to know that she is there to watch over me when my technology fails. My family also takes great comfort in her presence."

EAC Virtue

Kelly further emphasizes, "It's important for others to understand that individuals experience type 1 diabetes in unique ways. I am proud to say that I have taken diligent care to prioritize my health. While this condition can be life-threatening, it is by no means a death sentence, contrary to popular belief. Though managing diabetes can be complicated and frustrating, having the right tools, such as a Diabetic Alert Dog, can make a significant difference."

"I firmly believe that supporting EAC is crucial because these incredible dogs have the power to transform lives. Countless individuals could greatly benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog, and it is vital that we raise awareness about their existence. In the short time since I've been paired with Virtue, I have proactively spread the word by distributing business cards and engaging in conversations with people who may not have been aware of these amazing animals, even among those who believed they were knowledgeable about diabetes or those who have it themselves. Owning a service dog incurs ongoing costs, and if you wish to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others, donating to Early Alert Canines is an excellent avenue to do so!"

Thank you, Kelly!

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