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Diabetic Alert Dogs transform the lives of individuals with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Matt and EAC YoYo

In 2023, Matt was placed with EAC YoYo, just in time for him to begin a new adventure as a college student, living away from home. Matt reflects, "Having a Diabetic Alert Dog has made my life so much better. Yoyo lets me know that I'm dropping or rising so much earlier than my Continous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and allows me to deal with potential issues before they occur. Since I have had Yoyo my time in range has gone from 70% to 80%. He's helped reduce my severe lows and long stubborn highs and he's just amazing to have with me. Not only does he help me take care of my diabetes, but he is an amazing friend that I always get to have around. He's an amazing animal and has made my life so much better."


"The main thing that I wish people knew about type 1 diabetes is that it is a highly personal disease. No one reacts the same way to sugar or insulin, and it creates heavy emotional baggage that people have to carry around. Having people around you that know about Diabetes and are willing to help you when needed really helps lighten the emotional burden that builds up on a person."

"A donor should support EAC because it gives diabetics another amazing tool to help them approach what a normal person lives like. It allows us to have another safeguard and gives not only the diabetic but the diabetics family a peace of mind that simply wouldn't be there otherwise. By being a donor you're giving diabetics the opportunity to really take control of their illness and allow them to live life to the fullest."

Thank you, Matt!

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