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Fosters make long-lasting impact on the community!

Rick with EAC Corrina, who was placed in 2023

Early Alert Canines (EAC) firmly believes in providing a warm and loving environment for our dogs, which is why each of our dogs goes home with a foster every night instead of being kept in kennels. Our dedicated fosters open up their hearts and homes to these dogs, ensuring they receive the care and attention they need.

One of our incredible fosters, Rick, has taken in several dogs that were placed in 2023. He is well-respected within his community and frequently takes his foster dogs to various public places, which not only reinforces their training but also raises awareness about our mission. Rick has also joined EAC at speaking engagements, where he consistently goes above and beyond to educate people about the impact of our organization. In 2023, Rick had a particularly poignant experience that deeply touched his heart. One evening, while waiting in line with EAC Virtue to order pizza, a woman in the restaurant approached him and asked about his dog. Rick explained that Virtue was in training to become a service dog for individuals who are insulin dependent. He also shared that he is a foster handler, providing a safe, secure, and loving home for these remarkable dogs. The conversation continued, centered around EAC's commitment and mission, until Rick reached the ordering counter.

EAC Virtue enjoying an afternoon with Rick

As the woman prepared to return to her table, she expressed gratitude for Rick's work and revealed that their family had recently lost their Labrador, who was their daughter's support dog, to cancer. Understanding their grief, Rick offered to introduce Virtue to their daughter, to which the woman expressed appreciation but shared that it was still too soon for her daughter to meet another service dog. Rick understood and assured her that when the time was right, another life companion would be found for her daughter.

Such chance encounters continually reinforce Rick's conviction in the value of supporting EAC. He feels blessed to be entrusted with the responsibility of fostering these service dogs, who provide life-giving support to their human partners in profound ways. Rick extends his gratitude to all those who offer their continued support and encourages others to embrace EAC's mission of providing unconditional love to these dogs and their insulin-dependent companions for life.

Thank you, Rick!

If you would like to learn more about fostering a dog, please click here.

Rick with EAC Pippin

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