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From sleeping soundly to preventing seizures, Eva & Blue

Hi Carol,

I was outside bringing in firewood, Blue was curled up next to the fireplace sleeping and I decided to let him have a little rest while Eva played outside. Eva’s blood sugar was a bit high so running around out on the patio for a few minutes didn’t worry me. As I continued to bring in firewood Blue continued his sleep, occasionally snoring. Neither the slamming door nor the wood dropping into the rack near his bed affected him at all.

After a few wood runs I came inside and he was wide awake waiting for me by the door. Eva was still outside blowing bubbles but he immediately bowed and began pawing at me. I said good boy and gave him a treat but figured it would be a false alert since Eva was so far away. I checked her anyway because her Dexcom was out of range. Blue, however, was not out of range! He caught her scent from outside and she was indeed low, she had dropped over sixty points-without warning-in fifteen minutes!

Blue continued to stand by us both as I gave Eva a few marshmallows to correct the declining low. Ten minutes later, she was stabilized and her Dexcom had “caught up” with her telling me she was low. By this time Blue had already curled back in his bed and was fast asleep knowing Eva had been taken care of. I am simply amazed by this dog and the entire event. I am so grateful for this animal and all of the amazing training it has received, in no small part attributed to my wife and her diligence as well.

Thank you!

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