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A special mother-daughter puppy-raising team!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Huey as a puppy

Early Alert Canines (EAC) is proud to work in partnership with Canine Companions and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Dogs that have been raised for service in those organizations sometimes require a career change and are ideal for EAC's program. Long before they are placed with EAC, the dogs are raised by a vast network of volunteer puppy-raisers who provide vital skills, socialization, and love. After a dog is placed in EAC's program, puppy raisers are welcomed as part of the family! They receive updates and are invited to attend graduation ceremonies where they have the opportunity to meet EAC clients.

Ever since EAC Huey joined the team, Jane, his puppy raiser, has been there to encourage him and support the EAC team in the effort to train him as a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD)! In June 2022, EAC Huey was placed as a part of a very special team. He became the partner of long-time EAC client, Stephanie, whose first DAD, EAC Ozark, was ready to retire. Since then, EAC Huey has quickly bonded with his new partner and become part of their family.

Stephanie and EAC Huey, 2022

Jane recalls, "My puppy-raising inspiration all started with my primordial dwarf daughter. I wanted her to grow up without fear of dogs. To date, she has helped me raise seven puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) and we both loved them all!

Raising Huey was a joy! He was so focused and energetic and quick to respond to commands. Our puppy-raising group referred to him as our military dog. Having a disabled daughter and seeing first-hand what a gift these dogs can be is well worth the work involved in raising and training these puppies. The confidence and independence attained are life-changing.

The most rewarding part of puppy-raising is seeing the gratitude and joy these puppies bring to someone’s life. The hardest part is letting these puppies move on and taking a piece of your heart with the," shares Jane.

Thank you, Jane and family!

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