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Fosters are inspired to help!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

In 2022, Rick Ullerich became a new foster at Early Alert Canines. He eagerly learned what to do and opened his home with love. He has since then helped to foster multiple dogs, including EAC Pippin, who was recently placed with his partner. Rick shares his thoughts below.

Rick and EAC Pippin at a grocery store

What inspires you to be a foster?

"Inspiration can come from many sources. In my case I attribute my desire and inspiration to three key things: my love of animals (dogs especially), my desire to help others, and reading an article written by Victoria Briskin that tugged at my heartstrings. That was the catalyst that inspired me to open my heart and home to these wonderful Service Dogs," says Rick.

Rick and EAC Corrina during the holidays

-What unique tasks do you have as a foster?

"Outside of the normal and expected tasks that come with having a dog in your life and home, I would say that transporting the dog to and from the training facility Monday through Thursday is unique. Also, I am able to take the dog with me most everywhere I go, and I place the dog in their vest when we are out." shares Rick

-What are some of the best and some of the most challenging parts of being a foster?

"The best part is having a very well trained dog as a fun and loving companion who can accompany you everywhere you go. Nothing is really that challenging, but like any dog that I’ve had in the past, you must be vigilant to the needs of the dog including meals, exercise, play time, grooming, potty breaks, positive reinforcement, and having a safe loving environment," says Rick.

Rick and EAC Pippin at work

-What are some of your most memorable moments?

"I enjoyed taking Pippin Christmas Caroling at the assisted living center. The residents thought that Pippin was much more popular the I was, although Pippin didn’t sing. Corrina was a very loving and sensitive dog who loved being cuddled and petted. Her eyes were very expressive and could melt your heart when she looked up at you," shares Rick.

-Why should a donor support EAC?

"Do you love animals and appreciate the unconditional love that dogs provide? Then you might consider supporting a dedicated organization like EAC that places these loving dogs with people who have insulin-dependent individuals that will then have the confidence to live a full life with their best friend and protector by their side," says Rick.

Thank you, Rick!

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