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Foster families provide structure and a loving home

At Early Alert Canines (EAC), we believe dogs do their best work when they are kept in a warm, loving environment. We rely upon the generosity of foster families and we do not use kennels. Some fosters are experienced puppy-raisers and others are people who are motivated to help but need lots of training. EAC works with each foster to provide training and to find the right schedule that works for them.

Nancy is a long-time foster and experienced puppy-raiser. In addition to her full-time job as a Realtor, Nancy and her family help multiple organizations by raising and fostering service dogs. In 2022, EAC successfully placed 11 dogs and Nancy helped foster most of them!

EAC Jolo, one of Nancy's most notable fosters

What inspires you to be a foster?

"It's these intelligent, kind dogs, who are so loveable, they steal your heart right from the start," says Nancy. "Your heart just beats with pride as you watch them develop. We are so happy to see the dogs work alongside their partners and to see that their partners love them as much as we do!"

What unique tasks do you have as a Foster?

"After a dog is placed with us, we work to make the dog feel at home, relaxed, and prepared for their working life. There is nothing that makes our hearts swell with pride more than seeing the dog working in public, as a result of the support we have given them. We retain a life-long pride in knowing the dog works successfully in public and we hope that the love we gave them made a positive impact. It is often said that with every dog that departs, they take a piece of your heart, and that's absolutely true," says Nancy.

What are some of the best parts and most challenging parts of being a foster?

Nancy shares, "The best part of being a foster is the fun, love, and care that goes into raising each dog and we appreciate the effort made by the puppy-raisers to raise the dog. It's wonderful to see a dog settle in and relax in our home while they prepare for the next step. The most challenging part is when the initial assessment of the dog may not quite match what we see in reality."

EAC Daylily

What are one or two of your most memorable experiences with some of EAC's recent placements?

"What can I say about EAC Jolo? He is 1 in a million! He is a handsome, smart, and sensitive dog. He inspired EVERYONE, including my co-workers, strangers in public, and also my husband, who fell in love with him. I still show photos of Jolo to my husband, and while we miss having him in our home, we are so proud to see him working well with his partner! While someone else fostered EAC Huey, we spent time together and he was also just as special as EAC Jolo," says Nancy.

Anything else you'd like to add?

"Thank you for the incredible opportunity to foster these wonderful pups, and to make a positive impact on the life of someone with diabetes. We are honored and privileged to be involved with EAC & to work with these dogs!" says Nancy.

Thank you, Nancy and Family!

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