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Diabetic alert dog impresses doctor and staff, Emma & Fleur

Hi Carol,

I wanted to send you a quick email and share an awesome thing that Fleur did today! I have a clinical rotation at an endocrinology office, and the doc I’m with has type 1 diabetes too. Normally when I’m in the clinic, Fleur has a spot in the back office where I work on charts. This afternoon, I was in a room with a patient in the back of the office and the doc with type 1 was in a room in the front of the office. One of the admin staff came to get me and told me that Fleur came into the front desk; they thought she had to go pee. I checked my BG but I was nice and stable with no IOB. I knew she didn’t have to pee, so I asked the doc to check. Turns out, he was trending down and had lots of IOB. He ate something and leveled out at 110. Long story short, Fleur impressed a whole endocrinology office in a tiny town in northern CT (they were already impressed at her ability to alert me, but I think to have it happen to someone else was over the top!). Fleur is always surprising me with her ability to stay on point in all sorts of situations!! I just wanted to send you this most recent success, and I hope it brings some happiness to your day!

Best, Emma and Fleur

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