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A Love Like you Couldn’t Imagine

In 2022, Dallas was placed with EAC Krissy after having been diagnosed as a young child with type 1 diabetes and struggling with life-threatening episodes of low blood sugar.

Dallas and Krissy relaxing at home

“Krissy has changed our lives for the better,” says Megan, Dallas’s mom. “Krissy means Dallas no longer feels alone in his journey with type 1 diabetes. He has someone who can partner with him in his highs and lows. He has his “diabuddy” that he has longed for. I, as his mom, am grateful for my child to have a living breathing partner to help me at home when I can’t rely on his technology. She often tells me before his technology does. She helps me make crucial treatment decisions before his Dexcom ever would. Her addition to our family has been a long-awaited blessing.

Krissy works both in the home and in public

I wish people knew that type 1 diabetes was so much more than getting shots. It’s a disease with no breaks, you can never take time off, no matter how much you may need a reprieve. It is unexpected hospital visits, and doctor appointments every couple of months for the rest of your life. It is a simple cold with so many complications, maturing at a rate ten-times faster than your friends. At times, it is isolating, and it is countless opportunities to be braver than you ever thought possible.

Dallas, his mom Megan and Krissy

Type 1 diabetics are called “T1D warriors” for a reason. Watching my child endure the big needles for pump changes and intense symptoms for high and low has impacted my heart and physical being greatly. I am so proud of my guy. Supporting EAC means bringing freedom and companionship to someone who is walking a hard road, often with no one else who knows what it’s like to live with type 1 diabetes. These dogs, these special friends, bring them a safety net and love like you couldn’t imagine. We are so grateful to EAC and our Krissy girl,” shares Megan.

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