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A Diabetic Alert Dog is a protector and a lifeline!

Updated: May 6, 2022

Four years after her passing, EAC Pasha continues to leave a lasting legacy!

How did you get involved with EAC?

Julia and EAC Pasha

"My now 20-year-old daughter, Julia, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) when she was just five years old," shares Kathy. "That same year, we learned about EAC at a diabetes camp, and we were completely captivated by a guest visitor, an EAC alert dog. Julia was too young at the time for the program, so we patiently waited until she was 12 to apply for a Full Access Service Dog.

Our entire experience with EAC from the time we started attending some of the events, including Teen Camp, and finally to our placement, was an absolute dream come true for Julia and me. The organization is full of people who are truly passionate about the cause – including the Executive Director, paid employees, and volunteers," said Kathy.

Tell us about Pasha!

"Julia and Pasha were paired up on the second day of teen camp and instantly bonded. You can’t imagine the peace of mind you have when your daughter’s best friend (and guardian angel) is now also her protector and lifeline," shared Kathy.

EAC Pasha alerts her partner Julia!

How did having an EAC Diabetic Alert Dog make a positive impact in your life?

"Pasha was an absolute gift and the biggest silver lining of T1D. When your child has a disease or any type of illness, all you want to do is fix it, however, the only option you have with T1D is to manage it to the best of your abilities. Pasha and EAC were part of the solution in helping us manage this disease," shares Kathy.

"With thousands of finger pokes and injections later, Julia became an active straight-A student, a strong softball and soccer player, a junior volunteer at Happy Tails, and the light of my life. These things wouldn’t have been possible without Julia’s lifeline of insulin, Pasha, and EAC. Pasha also became the school and sports mascot but always working and alerting Julia. Everyone loved her but I think I loved her even more because she was my daughter’s guardian angel," said Kathy.

Julia was partnered with EAC Pasha at age 12.

About Pasha's passing...

Kathy shares, "We lost Pasha a short four years after we got her – she was only six years old when she succumbed to cancer. Her bright light went out as quickly as she touched our heart. While Pasha was a “working dog” she still became an integral part of our entire family. We were devastated and heartbroken when we kissed her one last time."

Please share anything else that you’d like donors to know.

"I owe so much to EAC for blessing us with Pasha, and for that, I’ve become a lifetime donor. I believe in their important, life-saving mission, and will continue paying it forward for the gift of Pasha. While she may no longer be with us, she’ll forever live in our hearts, and for that, I have immense gratitude to EAC," says Kathy.

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