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For more than a decade, Early Alert Canines (EAC) has worked to advance our mission to improve the health, safety, and well-being of people with insulin-dependent diabetes through partnerships with certified low blood sugar alert dogs. 

We've made it easier than ever!

Step One:

Click to create your fundraiser. By becoming a fundraiser for EAC, you will help more people with insulin-dependent diabetes, and you will help your friends feel good about doing good.

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. Within minutes, you can create your personalized online fundraising page and social media posts.

Step Two:

Plan your walk!  Join us...Anywhere...Anytime...on the weekend of June 3-5, 2022.  We encourage you to commit to at least one mile, or 2,000 steps. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to participate.  Bring your Service Dogs or pets too!  You can walk at your desk, in an office, in a parking lot, indoors, on a track, or organize an outdoor community event...right in your neighborhood!  

We've got you covered!

Click here for resources to help you achieve success! ​

Why should you participate? Why should you donate?

In these unpredictable times, and with so much uncertainty, you can rest assured knowing your support for EAC helps provide life-saving care for the growing need in our community.

None of us know what the future will bring, but here's what we do know:

  • There is nothing (at present) to prevent Type 1 diabetes and no known cure.

  • Insulin therapy can keep someone alive. It can also introduce the risk of debilitating side effects that can rapidly become life-threatening, if left unchecked, including coma and death.

  • Managing diabetes is often tied to depression, isolation, and fear. It also adds a life-long financial burden.

  • Diabetic Alert Dogs alert to impending shifts in blood glucose, allowing time for necessary precautions or treatment.

Every person who raises $250 or more will receive an EAC logo tote bag.

With your help, we can reach our goal of $30,000!

The top 3 fundraisers will win:

  • 1st place $100 Zappos Gift Card and NEW logo Sweatshirt

  • 2nd place $50 Sephora Gift Card and NEW logo paw clip

  • 3rd place $25 Amazon Gift Card and NEW logo paw clip

Dine and Donate!  Sunday, June 5th, from 4 to 9 pm

Are you local to EAC?  As we wrap up our Fundraising Walk Weekend, join us at Panera in

Concord at 1975 Diamond Blvd.  EAC Staff will be on-site from 4 pm to 6 pm and you can

order anytime from 4 pm to 9 pm in the Cafe or online to qualify for the fundraiser.    

Click HERE for our special flyer to use in person, or order online with our code: FUND4U.

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