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An EAC client photographed outdoors in a park, with their parents, siblings and canine
Logo of PADRE foundation

Early Alert Canines welcomes a partnership with the PADRE FoundationPADRE's mission is to provide educational classes, support groups and psychosocial events for all children with diabetes, as well as for their parents and siblings; support community education on diabetes and disease management; and, partner with research efforts aimed at better detection, prevention and management of diabetes and ultimately toward finding a cure.

Log of Fiscal Tiger, a resource to help with the cost of insulin.

The skyrocketing prices of insulin in the U.S. have recently become a very public issue. In addition to that coronavirus has been disproportionately dangerous for diabetes patients, in part because affordable ways to mitigate the impacts of diabetes such as going to the gym, regular healthcare checkups, and healthy eating have largely been disrupted.

At this point in time affordable ways to mitigate the impacts of diabetes are perhaps more important than ever. This guide covers many mutual aid, and patient assistance programs for people with diabetes. As well as scholarship programs for diabetic students, and general financial health information.

Scientific Literature

"How effective are trained dogs at alerting their owners to changes in blood glycaemic levels?: Variations in performance of glycaemia alert dogs" Rooney NJ, Guest CM, Swanson LCM, Morant SV (2019). This paper, published in the journal PLOS|One, shows that dogs "are better than previous studies suggest" at smelling and alerting people on glycemic changes.

Click here to read a case study, published through the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, regarding one of our dogs working with her partner, who is a nurse. "This article discusses the unique challenges and opportunities provided by the use of service animal as a part of the healthcare team, as provided by the piloted use of a service animal with a student nurse in an acute care facility"

Before you get a service dog, we recommend reading this blog post by Black Dogs Rule. While the post is older, it still has valuable information about how to learn about the organizations you're considering for a dog. They share great questions to ask, and ways to dig a little deeper than just looking on their website. We've had too many people come to us after they have been ripped off for $25,000+ and not given a dog, so please, do your research! 

Looking for a DAD outside of CA, OR, WA, and NV? Use Assistance Dogs International's member search tool, where you can filter your search by type of dog and location!  

To the right is a list of online resources and organizations that provide information, support and services to children and families with diabetes. Our resources page consist of helpful links to websites where families can gain knowledge and obtain support for coping with diabetes.**

**Early Alert Canines does not endorse any of the organizations listed, nor guarantees that individuals will qualify for aid or services that may be provided through these links. Please contact each organization for specific guidelines.**