Please know that we place our dogs for only a $100 application fee. That means our clients don't pay the $30,000 it takes to train these incredible, life-saving dogs.

Please take a moment to read a few of our client testimonials.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

“One time my daughter appeared to be just resting quietly on the sofa, watching the television. But Bender knew something was wrong and persistently tried to get her attention, nuzzling in close and even licking her hands. She realized that maybe she should check her blood and when she did, she discovered a dangerously low blood sugar of 27. Bender saved her life.

- Doug Thompson, family placed with Bender in 2012

"Dexcom showed Eva at 126 with a steady trend and I suspected that Blue might have detected a drop. After a minute Blue began bowing and pawing at me to get my attention. I rewarded him and checked Eva’s sugar. She was at 98 and Dexcom now showed down trend arrows. I treated her quickly and once again Blue was on top of things, well before technology."

- Sal Vitale, family placed with Honcho (aka Blue) in 2017

“Nona lets me know when my blood sugar is low, so I can fix it and get back to my job (or back to sleep). My family can sleep through the night because they know Nona is there for me. I am privileged to help care for sick children, a job I can do because Nona is looking out for me.

- Dr. Matt Hall, placed with Nona in 2015

With your support, we can not only meet our 10 dog goal, but get One Dog Ahead. Please help us place these life-saving dogs with the diabetics who need them.

Thank you for your support!

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