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Mabel and Tokyo

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Diabetes used to be a struggle, but having Tokyo changed my whole life for the better."

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Stephanie and Ozark

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I've learned the dog is always right."

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Saving Lives, One Dog at a Time.

Every day, our dogs help to save the lives of their partners. 

This holiday season, help us serve more people by contributing to our Year End Campaign. It takes about $35,000 to train, place, and support a dog-human team, and we can't do it without your support!

In 2019, we were able to meet our goal of placing 10 dogs with people with diabetes! We were able to change the lives of not only those 10 people, but their families and those close to them, as well. 

Help us continue to place these life-saving dogs with people by contributing to our Year End Campaign! 

Our goal is $35,000. Your contribution makes all the difference! 

Goal: $35,000       Current: $19,838